About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of volunteer, advocates, and concern citizen organized to promote the development and economic potential of South DeKalb.

We believe, and our primary position, is that incorporation  give communities more local control of revenues which can  be spent increasing public services, drawing in better jobs, and improving the local community as a whole.

So, why create a new city?

The proposed City of Greenhaven is an effort to join the rest of the region in competing for assets and improving the quality of life for South DeKalb.

The results are in. A study found that 42 of 44 majority-minority cities formed between 1990-2010 were stable, financially solvent (or better), improved the qualify of life for it's citizens.
USA Today has reported that metro Atlanta is emerging as "the nation's black tech capital"; many of whom reside in our community. Cityhood for self-determination is next logical step in the turning of the tide. 

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